We have a promise to keep to the next generation, that to make them fit throughout their entire life through a habit of having regular exercise. We believe that a fit body will have a fit mind inside to have bright, sharp, disciplined, humble, educated and quick mind inside to take part in teamwork to develop our country. Also we work through a motto to have success through hard work. Physical education helps students improve their knowledge about health issues and practices that will lead to a more enjoyable life.

Thus at Holy Cross School, have a world class facility in

  1. Basket Ball court

  2. Cricket Pitch with net for practice

  3. Leveled Big Play ground







Maths Lab

From the curves and shapes of a baby’s building block to the axis of the planets there are calculations and mathematic equations everywhere.

At the Mathematics Lab we make the students to have a better attachment toward mathematics by learning it in an easy way. We are making the students excel in mathematics with the facilities we have such as computers, models, experimental models & other aids to learn Mathematical skills.

“NIIT nguru” Math Lab is available at St Andre Block for multimedia math learning

Home Away From Home

Our hostel has the capacity to provide excellent home for 200 boys with hygienic food, laundry and wash rooms. For the security and safety of the students various precautions have been taken such as the presence of  3 Hostel Wardens and 5 Teachers who are staying at hostel, Roll Call at hostel and CCTV surveillance etc.






Every Year the school celebrates Pongal, Deepawali and Christmas to foster harmony and cultural integrity and tolerance among students. India being a multi – cultural nation, the school takes every effort to inculcate the students the value of religious and cultural unity in diversity. It is always a treat to witness the students vying each other, irrespective of their creed and culture, to participate in the celebration of these cultural and religious festivals with enthusiasm and interest.

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The parent Teacher Association was officially started funct in the school in 1980 with Mr. Kaliappan as charter President. Parent Representatives are selected for each section. Regular meetings are held to discuss about the programmes of the school and for getting opinions and suggestions of parents.


Old Boys Association was officially started in 1982 with Mr. Naresh Kinger as charter President. Annual General Body Meetings are held on the third Sunday of July every year. Board meetings are held every month. The OBA actively participate in all the programmes of the school.

Every Year, First Week of December is celebrated as OBA day.   www.holycrossoba.com