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The mission of Holy cross school is to promote all round development in its students.  All round development broad based to concept and it involves not merely academic but it covers extra-curricular, sports, cultural, social service activities, etc.,.  A Holy cross student having been trained through those areas is confident enough to withstand pressures and tensions in life and leads a successful career.

To cater to the extra-curricular and service needs of our students, the school has 17 clubs.  The pupil volunteered being members in any two club of their choice and every club has to organize atleast one activity per term counting three activities for a year so that each student can have an access to the maximum of six activities and enrich their skills in different fields.  The programmes, symposium and workshops organized by various clubs help the students to do better in their academics too.

  1. Adventure club

  2. Bible club

  3. Computer club

  4. Ecco club

  5. English literary association

  6. Fine arts club

  7. Health and sports club

  8. History and geography club

  9. Interact club

  10. Junior Jaycees club

  11. Language club

  12. Maths club

  13. Nature club

  14. Philately club

  15. Quiz club

  16. Readers club

  17. Science club

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