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  1. As soon as students enter the examination room, silence must be observed till the end of the examination.

  2. All articles like books, bags, etc., should be kept in front of the class room before taking the seats. Students must check that no papers / books are with them or inside the table.

  3. No student will be allowed to borrow or lend writing materials during the exams.

  4. Exam numbers should be written on question paper immediately after receiving them. Nothing else should be written on the question paper.

  5. No student will be sent out of the examination room before the end of the allotted time for the examination. Hence, those students who are in the habit of hurrying in their work should concentrate and give a better quality work over the whole allotted time for the paper.

  6. Students should tie the additional sheets along with main sheets five minutes before the end of examination as instructed by the invigilators and then continue writing. No additional sheet will be provided to students during the last five minutes of examination.

  7. No students will be allowed to wait outside the examination room or in the corridors. Any student who does not respond to the instruction will be dealt with as per the rules and regulations of the school as given in the diary and as per the oral instructions given from time to time

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