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In order to inculcate among the students a sense of belongingness, art of competitiveness and the team spirit, a new activity oriented system called ''House System'' has been introduced. All the students of the school have been grouped into four houses namely.

ANDRE HOUSE        -           BLUE

DUJARIE HOUSE      -           YELLOW


MOREAU HOUSE    -           RED

In each House, a Captain and a Vice-Captain are elected from the House Leaders of each section. Each House is put under the charge of a teacher called House Master. The Functioning of the house is monitored by the Chief   Coordinators.

Under the House System, the first three winners of any competition conducted within the school, will fetch 15, 10 and 5 points respectively for their respective houses. For team events it will be 30, 20 and 10 and for games, 40, 30, 20 and 10 points will be awarded.


The activities considered for awarding points include regularity in attendance and school work, ranks in Terminal Examinations and Academic Excellence examination, Handwriting, Grammar Test, General Knowledge Tests, Mass Drill, Value Education, Quiz Competition, Sports and games, Kalothsav Competitions, School Exhibition, Collection for Charitable causes, best all-rounder or any other officially conducted activity for the school.


Points will be deducted for default in matters of punctuality, uniform, official language of the school, school property, relationship with fellow students and teachers, code of examinations and any other instance of indiscipline.


Each house will get a bonus point at the beginning of the year which can be enhanced or depreciated depending upon the performance of the House. The best house will get an award at the end of the year.


Notwithstanding anything that might have appeared in the above mentioned rules it should be clearly understood that the Principal is the final judge and his decision on all matters is final and binding

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