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  1. The parents will be informed to take their sons home for not wearing the school uniform, for not bringing books to the class, for not producing the signature of parents on remarks written by teachers or on the absence record in the calendar for reasons of indiscipline and for repeated late coming.

  2. The school cannot be held responsible for accidents, small or serious, to pupils during school hours or during excursions.

  3. Pupils are not allowed to meet parents or to leave the school premises during school - hours without the permission of the Principal.





  1. Students must be punctual for class on every working day. They must be present in the school by 7.50 / 8.50 a.m. Silence is to be observed both during and after the assemblies.

  2. No boy is permitted to enter the class before the school assemblies, lunch break or the recesses. Students are strictly forbidden to leave the school premises to buy anything outside during these breaks.

  3. All students must be in their seats before the teacher enters the class. During the absence of a teacher, the monitor of the class shall be responsible for maintaining discipline and he must be obeyed. Those who take their lunch in the school campus should see that places are clean before they leave.



Pupils are responsible for their own books, fountain pens, tiffin-carriers or any other article that they bring to school. The School does not hold itself responsible for any property lost by the students. Parents are requested not to permit their children to wear the gold ornaments, costly watches and trinkets in the school.




To acquire fluency in English, only English should be spoken in the school premises and in the buses.



  1. Homework is given with two main objectives. (A) To provide exercise, to increase progress and to acquire skill. (B) To test and ascertain the progress and skill acquired.

  2. All work of the first type is generally class-work and need not be corrected in detail but all work of the second type is corrected (i.e, homework proper).

  3. It is advisable that a boy studies at least for two hours on working days and more on holidays.

  1. NO MONEY or articles of presentations shall be collected by anybody without the prior permission of the Principal.

  2. Any organized activity in the school can be conducted only after getting the prior written permission from the Principal.

  3. No boy is permitted to leave the school during the school hours without the prior written permission from the Principal / Vice - Principal



  1. Student's Railway / Bus Concession forms will be issued only when applied for & taken in person and will on NO ACCOUNT be sent by post.

  2. Any certificate or documents will be issued by the school authorities only when the parents or guardian applies for it in writing, giving his / her name, address and signature.

  3. Boys suffering from infectious or contagious diseases shall not be allowed to attend school.

  4. If the student has lost the original Progress Report, a duplicate progress report can be obtained only on written request from the parent and with the permission of the Principal.

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