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HolyCross Boutique

A fine collection of Stationeries , T-Shirts, Key Chains, Tea Cups and other memorabilia are available at HolyCross Boutique. Students , Parents and well wishers of HolyCross can walk in to choose the memorabilia.

Bro Louis Leduc Multipurpose Hall

A “Glass Wall” multipurpose hall embedded with superior acoustic has been established at St. Andre Block. It is a unique in many properties.

Audio Visual Lab

Holy Cross education is a multimedia based education providing both sound and visual components, which facilitates and educates the students using interactive technology. The students view slides, documentary films and quiz programmes to enrich their knowledge with a goal of improving comprehension and retention. A projector with high luminous helps to make the teaching effectively.

There are two Audio Visual Labs in HolyCross Campus. One at St. Andre Glass Hall Block for Primary Students and another one at OBA Block, St. Andre Audio Visual Lab for High School Students


We have a promise to keep to the next generation, that to make them fit throughout their entire life through a habit of having regular exercise. We believe that a fit body will have a fit mind inside to have bright, sharp, disciplined, humble, educated and quick mind inside to take part in teamwork to develop our country.

Also we work through a motto to have success through hard work. Physical education helps students improve their knowledge about health issues and practices that will lead to a more enjoyable life.



Audio Recording Studio

“Holy Cross Sonics” is an Audio Recording Studio, capable of Recording, Mixing and Mastering audio content. It has a sound proof room and state of art editing room. It is specialized in mixing and editing of sounds and spoken words. It has a mini theatre to preview the dubbing.


CCTV Campus

Our campus is equipped with CCTV cameras for surveillance of the areas frequented by the students. Recently, schools across the length and breadth of the country have resorted to the use of CCTVs for policing campus activities and to keep the students in check and under control. This is a laudable initiative taken by the administration to cover the entire campus under CCTV surveillance for the safety and security of the students. Our School is fully committed to the provision and maintenance of the school environment as far as is reasonably practical, safe and secure and any risk to the security of the school or students is deemed unacceptable

Monthly Eucharistic Celebrations

The Eucharist is at the heart of the Church’s life. The Catholic Church professes that, in the celebration of the Eucharist, bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. In the celebration of this mystery of faith, Christ himself is present to his people. As part of our spiritual nourishment, we have a monthly Eucharistic celebration for the Christian students and the staff in order to strengthen their relationship with God


Recollections for Students and Parents

The Christian tradition has understood Retreat to be an important part of spiritual formation.  It is a time consciously set aside for God. The goal of our retreat is to be as fully present as we can be to God and ourselves. Our school organizes retreat for all the members of families of Christian students, parents teachers and helpers in order to renew their relationship with God. During this time confessions are heard, renewal talks are preached and the meaningful Eucharist is celebrated. Annual retreat is usually arranged during the Lenten season


Christmas Carols

Christmas carols are hymns or songs sung during the Christmas occasion in praise of the newly born child Jesus. We have this noble tradition in holy cross school to sing Christmas carols to the houses of those teachers and students who have requested the choir of the school to come and sing in order to mark the festivity of Christmas

SMS and Voice Call

Precious things are supposed to be kept safe and also to be looked upon very much, even if the things are away from us. Better communication will deliver the maximum satisfaction to the parents about the status of their children at school. We believe parents do have a keen interest to followthe daily work of their sons. Hence, we have the adopted a system to send unique details like home works, results, bus timing and daily exam performance of 10th& 12th Std. students etc. through SMS to parents daily.

Information Cache

The “Information Cache” serves as all-in-one information center of HolyCross School, Salem. The following services are provided at Information Cache
Getting appointment to meet Bro Principal
Everyday happenings at School Campus
Students Attendance and Academic Performance
Current Events , Exam Schedules and Holidays
Application request and Status of Application
Communication between Parent and Teacher
About HolyCross Salem and Congregation of HolyCross

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